Gnomelicious Culinary Lavender

Welcome to a world where flavor meets tranquility—our Culinary Lavender Collection. Grown on our lavender farm in Sequim, WA, the Lavender Capital of North America, our organically grown buds offer a touch of elegance to any dish. From soothing teas to delectable desserts, each of our varieties is a testament to the versatility and charm of lavender. Begin your culinary adventure with us today and savor the essence of nature in every bite.

  • Benefits of Culinary Lavender

    Culinary lavender isn't just a treat for your taste buds; it's a herbal hug for your well-being. Just a sprinkle can help soothe your senses, aid digestion, and turn an ordinary meal into a calming, aromatic experience. Research shows that ingesting just 80 mg a day can make a difference!

  • How to Use Culinary Lavender

    Want to add a hint of lavender to your dishes without the crunch? Our quick guide will show you how to infuse your meals with the smooth, aromatic flavor of lavender, perfect for those who prefer not to find the buds in their bite. Click to learn our simple trick!

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  • Inspiration

    Dive into our collection of easy lavender recipes that'll make your meals special. Take a look and find new favorites to whip up for your family and friends!