U-Cut Readiness Guide

Check the readiness stages of our lavender varieties to find the perfect time for your U-cut experience. Each stage has its ideal uses, from fresh bouquets to dried bunches and essential oils. When looking for flowering, you will see small flowers forming off of the lavender bud. Self-Serve U-cut is open from 8am - 8pm 7 days a week while the lavender lasts. Opening day: June 28th!

Not Ready: Do not cut
  • Plants marked not ready, are still growing and are not ready to cut.

Stage 0: No Flowers Yet

  • No flowers yet. Okay for dried or fresh bouquets. Wait one - two more weeks for optimal results.

Stage 1: 20% Flowering

  • Perfect for drying for bouquets. Ideal for debudding for culinary uses. Buds will stick to the stems the best at this stage. Culinary lavender will be cleanest.

Stage 2: 50% Flowering

  • Ideal for fresh lavender and crafts. Dry to debud for craft usage.

Stage 3: 75% or More Flowering

  • Best for fresh bouquets, oil, and hydrosol distillation. Not recommended for drying for bouquets. Can be dried for craft bud, but buds will fall off stem more easily.

Legend starts from varieties closest to u-cut parking.

 Variety Stage
Super Ready!
Grosso Ready!
Hidcote Giant Not Ready
Seal Not Ready
Provence Ready!
Gros Blue Not Ready
Fred Boutin Not Ready
White Spike Ready!
Edelweiss Ready!
Ana Louisa Not Ready
Melissa Ready!
Avice Hill Ready!
Royal Purple Ready!
Munstead Ready!
Royal Velvet Ready!
Buena Vista Ready!
Folgate Ready!