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A few recommendations

Occasionally we recommend products we have personally used and provide links where you can purchase them. We do this so that you can quickly and easily find your favorite DIY or lavender gardening supplies. We earn referral fees if you purchase from our link and appreciate it every time you do!

Our favorite recommendations are always listed here so you can easily find them!

Recommendation: Betty Oppenheimer's Growing Lavender Book


Betty takes you on a journey of how Sequim, WA became the Lavender Capital of North America. She includes 60 DIY projects and recipes for using lavender.

Some of the DIY recipes shared in our DIY Wednesday instagram are inspired by this book!

Recommendation: Certified Palm Oil Free Castile Soap


We use this castile soap in our foaming soap recipe and at home. It's created by a small family business that sources quality ingredients from farmers.

Recommendation: Chicken saving solar lights!


These motion activated solar lights have been great for our chicken coop. Anytime predators come near the lights flip on and startle them. So far we have not had anything get into the coop! Our hens and of course, Pierre, our rooster certainly appreciate the extra security.

Recommendation: Our stuff!

Link: Gnomelicious Shop

Our shop has the lavender oil and lavender bud you need for all your DIY projects. Stop by our online shop, or visit us in person June - August on the farm.

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