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Our Lavender Story
Our Story

We all have that one memory of a place we visited and long to see again. For us, it was a trip to Oregon to an area called the Columbia River Gorge. It was here that we visited our first lavender farm. It was small, but charming, and had the most beautiful backdrop it could…Mt Hood. It would be many years later that either of us would come across lavender again. 


Fast forward thru those many years later and we found ourselves moving to Sequim Washington which is considered the lavender capital of North America. Surrounded by lavender farms, we decided to start our own. This new adventure was in the midst of Covid and all the dreariness that was intertwined in our daily lives so we paused and thought about how we wanted to represent our farm brand. More and more we found ourselves bringing home quirky stickers, sassy coffee mugs, and adorable gnomes to brighten up our space and it was like a light bulb went off. Why not bring that same quirky, sassy, fun to into our farm and handmade goods? This way everyone can infuse their lives with a little fun every time they visit us or use one of the farm's goodies.

You may ask how we picked what gets made and what goes into our goodies. It's easy, we choose things that everybody uses and try to make them in a way that uses quality ingredients, avoids harsh chemicals, helps our planet, and is affordable. We figure if it's hard for us to find products on the market that fit our checklist, then you might be having the same trouble too. So here we are taking a chance and sharing Gnomelicious with you!

Our farm is a showcase of things that have brought fun and joy to our lives and the lives of our friends and family. We hope they will bring fun and joy to yours too!

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