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Honey Bee Hive Xerxes
Giving Back

We love the bees and we hope you do too! Choosing to support Gnomelicious, says you care and that you want to help contribute to growing the population of these important pollinators. Our promise to you is that we grow our lavender using methods that don’t harm our buzzy friends and do what we can to minimize environmental impacts where possible. The Xerxes Society for Invertebrate Conservation exists to not just save the bees but many other important natural species along with being an advocate for change. This is why we have decided to donate a portion of our proceeds to this organization as well as planting pollinator strips and enlarging our bee hive hub. We are on our way to becoming bee safe certified and can’t wait to share with you how much we have collectively donated at the end of the year. 

So why just bees and not other important causes too? We know that everyone, including us, is busy juggling the many things life throws at us. A work crisis here, a family disaster there, and so on... It can feel overwhelming to be on top of everything. Throw in doing your part for a bazillion of the causes out there and you get one tired person. So we decided to choose balance by tackling one cause at a time. Bees are what are closest to our hearts as farmers and plus, they make the most delicious honey, right? So we encourage you to pamper yourself while supporting our bees. If you want to do more, go ahead, but this is just one easy choice to help something greater. Check in with us throughout the year to see how the bees are doing and learn more about what else you can do to help!

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